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How to Apply on Mobile

The City of Edmonton provides job applicants with multiple options for applying to our job opportunities via a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet).

Using LinkedIn: To apply, use your LinkedIn profile in place of a resume. If you need help in building a magnetic LinkedIn profile, view the presentation below.

Using Cloud Storage Services: To apply on your mobile device, the City of Edmonton allows you to access and attach your resume to your application if it is stored on one of the following Cloud Services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

Not familiar with Cloud Storage Services? Here are some more details:

  • Dropbox – Sync your files wherever you are with DropBox. This free file storage service allows you to sync files from different computers to your mobile and tablet devices. Simply download the app and upload your resume. You can download this via the APP stores or visit DropBox.
  • Google Drive – If you are a Gmail user, you can place your resume in Google Docs. Upload it from your computer and it will appear in Google Drive. You can also download the APP through your smartphone.
  • OneDrive – If you are a Hotmail or Microsoft user, you can easily upload your resume into One Drive, another cloud based solution for Microsoft users.